While Everyone Else is Sleeping…


She gets up while it is still night; (Proverbs 31:15a, NIV)

Nothing fills me with more resentment toward my husband than working while he naps with the kids.  This is most typical on Sunday afternoons.  We eat lunch after church and change into play clothes.  He crashes on the couch to nap while I begin my chores for the day.  It drives me crazy!!!!

His grand excuse is that it is his only day to lie around and rest.  My usual reply is something like this, “Oh yeah? Which day do I get to do that?”  Honestly folks, I struggle with this one as much as anything else in our marriage!

To make my point a bit more poignant, I usually try to go to the gym on Sundays while my husband is home with Superhero Son and Darling Daughter.  When I return later, the house is usually an explosion of toys, snacks, toys, costumes, and more toys!  It will take me just as long to clean up as it did to work out in the gym!

So how do I handle this short of divorcing my husband?  

1.  Focus on my blessings.  My biggest blessings stress me out the most.  Taking care of our home, raising my children, working on a happy marriage, and teaching my students all cause stress in my life.  On Sundays I try to remember that each of them is a blessing granted to me by God.

2.  Plan ahead.  If I can get most of my housework, writing work, laundry, and papers graded on Friday evening and Saturday, that frees up Sunday.  If I am not feeling so bogged down in work, I don’t care so much that my husband is lying around the house.

3. Delegate ahead of time.  If I warn my husband around Thursday or Friday that I have a chore I would like for him to do, he is usually willing.  If I just start nagging once he is lying on the couch, forget it!

4.  Enlist the help of the kids.  Darling Daughter is too young.  She still isn’t walking.  However, Superhero Son can help with small chores.  He is learning to fold clothes.  He loves to run the vacuum and mop. (I really don’t know why!)  He also loves getting change for his money jar once a chore is complete.  

5.  Remember that I am cleaning, washing, writing, and grading papers because God has called me to do His work.  These are the blessings He placed into my life.  I do not complete my chores because I am Supermom or my family is more wonderful than anyone else’s.  I do it because God instructs me to do so. I know that He will always provide rest for me when I need it, even it is isn’t on Sunday afternoons!



4 thoughts on “While Everyone Else is Sleeping…

  1. Wow–I had the same issue– at one time each Sunday I was taking 3 to church & teaching preschool SS–on my own… God supplied the energy for sure! I also had to learn that my agenda was not my hubby’s agenda — sooo tuff to find a happy balance while raising kids!

    • His agenda definitely isn’t mine! Sunday is my day to get ready for a new week. He uses it to recover from the previous week. I guess it makes a difference that he works Saturdays, and I don’t! Thanks for the comment.

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