Around the Colvin Cottage

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Happy weekend!  What’s going on around the Colvin Cottage? Busy, as usual!  Just the way we like it!

This week has been BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have spent as much time as possible outside!  My husband is off from work on Tuesdays, so he joined us for Superhero Son’s t-ball practice.  You have to love these little 3-4 year old kids playing t-ball!

Loving t-ball!

Loving t-ball!

Darling Daughter learned this week that she LOVES playing in dirt!  She also learned that eating dirt didn’t really taste very good!

Dirt and grass taste nasty!

Dirt and grass taste nasty!

Both kids joined me Thursday evening for a church fundraising meeting.  We are trying to build a church, so we are pouring a lot of energy into fundraising.

On an educational note, my school year is approaching the final weeks.  We are in full review mode preparing for our state testing in May.  My kids are awesome and will do great!

Superhero son is working on tracing numbers this week.


Hope your homes are blessed by busyness, too!



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