And He’s Four!

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Yesterday was Superhero Son’s fourth birthday!  I believe every parent has a birthday when they look at their kid and think, ” How did you grow up so fast?!”  This was it for me!

Shortly after Superhero Son’s third birthday, we introduced him to his baby sister.  That totally rocked his world!  He transformed from our angelic, perfectly behaved child into a monster of a toddler.  He loved his sister from day one, but didn’t want to do what we asked anymore.  My husband and I had to create a discipline plan and stick to it!

We quickly learned that he did not respond to spankings or time out.  He responds only to loss of privileges.  Sometimes that means Batman goes off the TV or his playroom gets locked.

We also figured out that he, like most three year olds, loves to learn.  He loves art projects, exploration, games, music, and anything dealing with the alphabet or numbers. I teach fifth grade, not preschool!  I had to learn what to do with him to keep him interested.  For ideas, I often visit

Finally, we decided he needed to feel like he has some control over his world.  He began helping choose his clothes each day.  He has to help make his bed and brush his teeth.  He is also in charge of keeping his playroom toys picked up.  After Darling Daughter began to crawl, he found new reasons to keep all toys put in their proper place.  He isn’t always keen on sharing.

In short, this has been a learning year for all of us!  I am sad that my son is no longer a little guy that crawls onto my lap after naps, but we look forward to the year ahead.  As a preschooler, his world is opening up even further.  We pray that God helps us parent him and guide him through.

Birthday ice cream at Sweet Frog!

Birthday ice cream at Sweet Frog!




One thought on “And He’s Four!

  1. Great advice on discipline …. always tuff to do especially when ur spent at end of day … btw — am only guessing those thgs work to help Dad make bed & pickup his stuff too. 🙂

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