What’s For Dinner?

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She is like merchant ships;
She brings her food from afar. Proverbs 31:15

One of my most important jobs as a mom and wife is to feed my family.  My children are still so young, they cannot feed themselves.  And let me tell you!  My kids can EAT!  In fact, Darling Daughter, at only 11 months, can plow through a plate of a grilled cheese sandwich with green beans on the side, eating more than her four year old brother.

Along with this job comes the responsibility to ensure the health of our family.  Somewhere, lost in the labels of nonfat, whole wheat, organic, and no sugar added, are foods that are good for my family and kid-friendly enough  to eat.

I don’t have any big secrets about how I do this.  I am blessed to come from a family of cooks.  Men and women alike know how to throw a spread in my family. I also started training my kids to eat healthy foods at a really young age.

I do, however, take inspiration from several places.  I used to sit once a week and pour over cookbooks and recipes to plan my meals.  I don’t have time for that during the school year anymore.  Now I let someone plan for me.  I use emeals.com.  I started using it when I got a Groupon for a HUGE discount.  We now spend less on groceries, have great recipes that are low in fat, and throw out less wasted food. I print the meal plan and grocery list, cross of the items I already have, and hit the store.  Each meal is laid out for me in an easy to use fashion.

I also just finished a book that inspired me to work on my choices and the choices of my kids.  Candace Cameron Bure, lovingly known as DJ from Full House, spoke at a Women’s Conference I attended in the fall.  She wrote the book, Reshaping It All.  She discloses her journey to feed her family physically and spiritually.  

Planning meals doesn’t have to be stressful.  It doesn’t need to be one more thing we agonize over.  However, it is a necessary part of our lives.  I bet the Proverbs 31 woman fed her family well.  She probably shared her secrets with others, taking pride in her ability to keep them healthy.

What’s for dinner at your house?



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