Around the Colvin Cottage: Busy With Our Own Agenda

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Happy Sunday everyone!  Today is family day!  We haven’t had one in a while, so we are looking forward to some time together today.

On Tuesday, we finished t-ball!


Superhero Son is very proud of his certificate and his medal.  By Friday, he wanted to know when he could play again.  I think we may try swimming lessons next to get ready for summer.  If we get the new house we want, we will have a pool. We really need to teach him to swim before then!

We also spent a huge percentage of our time packing and moving boxes into storage.

Packing the kids' things.  Then packing the kids!

Packing the kids’ things. Then packing the kids!

I think we are almost finished getting things out of the house in preparation for house showings to prospective buyers!

The rest of my time at home was spent working on the house.  We are almost finished with the deck and porch thanks to Josh’s family and a hired painter.  Of course the kids had to help paint!

Eating in Daddy's truck.

Eating in Daddy’s truck.

We had to take a break and eat lunch yesterday.  Notice the healthy food my kids had!  At least they ate apples, too!

After all that, all we have left of cleaning!  Hopefully that will happen after we spend a little time together just relaxing!

What’s your family been up to this week?



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