Remembering Days That Just Weren’t This Busy!

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She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

 Memories seem to be following me lately! I was rolling stain onto the back deck today and began to reminisce.  Earlier this morning I told my husband that it would be nice to be a college student again. At another point this weekend I recalled what it was like to pack up when I left Radford to move up to central Virginia.  

Times have changed since I lived in a dorm, then apartment in Radford.  I was in Radford for eight years, four in college and four teaching while I worked on my masters degree.  I loved living there, and life was definitely simpler than it is today!

If I were still in college, I would either be out for summer or getting ready to get out.  As a teacher, I have another 51/2 weeks.  

When I lived in Radford, I only worried about myself.  I lived alone, except for a cat who wandered.  I would come home from work, fix a fast dinner, kick back, and watch tv.  Granted, I was working on my masters degree while teaching.  I did a lot of homework in the evenings, but I only worried about myself.  No husband! No kids!  

When I packed up my apartment to move, it took about a day and half.  That’s is it!  All of my belongings came in one trip.

Today my life is so different!  Instead of coming home from work to fix my dinner, I have four people to feed.  Instead of doing my homework, I work on preschool skills with Superhero Son, read to both kids, give baths, play games, do laundry (way more than before!), and clean up everyone’s messes.  

Idleness is not an option today.  If I don’t do my work around this house, the house doesn’t run smoothly!

However, there is another HUGE difference!  When I lived alone, I didn’t feel complete!  I knew God was calling me for a greater purpose!  Sure, I went to church.  I sang in the choir.  I volunteered to help with different events.  But I wasn’t truly living my life as God had planned.  

I am crazy busy these days.  Many of us are!  Thankfully, in the midst of that busyness, I can recognize that I am exactly where God wants me.  I am doing exactly what He wants me to do!

Are you?



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