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As a teacher, testing has become second nature for me.  I remember, as a student, I always wanted to know how I would tested on the information, and what format the test would have.  How do the tests we take in our academic lives compare to the tests God presents to us?

When I begin a new unit, I pretest.  I give an assessment to see who knows the prerequisite skills, who has a foggy understanding of the content, and who already knows it all, therefore needing extension activities.

God’s pretests are way easier!  He already knows our heart, our mind, and our every thought!

Then I teach the lesson.  I try to make it fun and interactive.  I try to make the activities meaningful.  Above all else, I try to keep my students motivated to do their best.

God teaches His lessons in a variety of ways and methods.  Some are fun, and some are terrible.  They are always interactive.  However, we often have the choice of ignoring Him completely.

Time for the test!  My students can be found cramming for SOL tests right now.  They are spending time each night studying their notes and study guides.  They get one shot to pass the test.  There is no redemption for those who fail.

God doesn’t ask us to cram for a test.  This is a lifelong assessment.  He asks us to live our lives as if it were our last.  

We also benefit from forgiveness for our mistakes.  What if we fail?  We get to repent and try again!  After admitting that we need God’s help, we will not make the same mistakes again.  Eventually we will learn that we can call upon God to help us with the answers anytime we want.  This is an open-book test!



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