Our Need for Recognition

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Some of my students would rather have a teacher praise them than have any tangible award.  Are we that way as adults?

My husband has been working extremely hard lately to be the best in the company.  For his success, he was awarded a small monetary bonus.  I think they could have given him a million dollars, and it would not have held as much meaning as the moment he got to tell me he was number one.  He just wanted to feel like everyone was proud of him.

As we move through this life we make many decisions.  We navigate based upon our gut feeling, our heart, common sense, and the direction we feel coming from God.  As we make our choices, what reward are we seeking?  Are we seeking recognition from coworkers, our parents, or our friends?  Are we hoping that when our race is finished, our God will be standing there to say, “Well done thy good and faithful servant!”?

Whose recognition are we seeking?



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