Around the Colvin Cottage: Happy Mother’s Day

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How are you celebrating today?  Going out for dinner? Breakfast in bed?  Flowers? Cards? Candy?  No gift can compare to last year in our house!

Last year for Mother’s Day, I celebrated by bringing home Darling Daughter.  We were released from the hospital and brought home our beautiful baby girl for the first time.  We were so happy to get away from the noisy hospital!  Even knowing we would now have to manage without the help of the nurses, we were glad to be home!

Today our lives are so different!  Darling Daughter celebrated her first birthday yesterday!  Superhero Son has learned to love her!  She can play with him now instead of just staring at him!

Mother’s Day is a day for us to celebrate our mothers.  However, it is also a day for me to celebrate motherhood!  I love being a mommy to my two kids!  It is my favorite job!

What are you doing to celebrate your mother and all mother?



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