A Job Well Done

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Some nights, at the end of a very long day, I climb into bed, snuggle down into my covers, and just rest.  I can rest easy because I know my family is safe, I know my daily chores are complete, and my to-do list is shorter than it was when I got up that morning. I have a quiet moment when I pat myself on the back for a job well done for the day!

It isn’t everyday that I feel this way when I go to bed.  Some days I am frustrated that I didn’t get as much accomplished as wanted. Some evenings I am worried about upcoming events.  Many evenings, I go to bed while my husband is still and work.  I never rest quite as well when we are not altogether.  Nights like that, I long for peaceful rest.

I was running at my gym not too long ago and saw a poster.  I believe it was advertising Nike.  The poster said something like, “The only true rest is an earned rest.”  My favorite nights are those when I know I have worked hard and can then enjoy my hard-earned rest.

When we get to Heaven it will be the same way.  Paul tells us that he wanted to finish his race with strength.  He wanted to run as hard as he could until he reached the finish line.  Understandably, good deeds will not get us into Heaven.  Only our faith in Christ can do that!  However, when I get to Heaven, I want to be able to rest knowing my rest was earned.  I want to hear my God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

An amazing woman in our church entered the Gates of Heaven this past week!  Granny Flo was a fixture in our church.  Her legacy lives on in those who love her.  I did not know her as well as I wished, but I have heard incredible stories of her this week.  I know at age sixty, she was kickin’ it with the youth.  As my son was toddling around our church, she always had goldfish crackers for him.  I fondly can picture in my mind Granny Flo holding Darling Daughter when she was just a few months old.  Granny Flo wasn’t actually related to most of the people in our church, but everyone felt like she was their own family.

Granny Flo ran quite a race.  She finished strongly!  When she crawled under her covers her last night on Earth, she was able to rest, knowing she earned it!  I bet she had the honor and privilege of hearing, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Granny Flo with the son of our incredible pastor and his wife.

Granny Flo with the son of our incredible pastor and his wife.




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