When He Reins, It Pours!

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When you rein, your roads may lead to storms.  When God Reins, blessings fall from Heaven.

When you rein, your roads may lead to storms. When God Reins, blessings fall from Heaven.

We all know the saying, “When it rains, it pours!”  We usually think of this as being an outpouring of trouble!  One bad event often leads us to another bad event.  We don’t usually experience single hardships; we get them in waves.

For example, during the fall of 2012 my husband and I were both really busy at work.  We were swamped!  I was up to my ears in writing work.  He was trying to rise up in his company.  I was teaching full time and accepting new responsibilities at work.  Oh yeah!  I was also pregnant with Darling Daughter!  During one especially stressful week, just before a weekend women’s retreat with my church, Superhero Son got sick.  Allow me to qualify.  He got REALLY sick.

I heard him cry in the middle of the night.  At the time, he was two and half.  I went to his room and realized he was running a fever.  I gave him Motrin and returned to my own bed.  About forty-five minutes later I heard a cry of shear pain from him room.  I ran to see what had happened and found him having a convulsive seizure in his crib.  After what felt like an eternity, actually only about 5 minutes, he calmed down, and the seizure ended.  It still took him another forty-five minutes to recognize me and go back to sleep, this time in bed with me.  Within an hour, he was seizing again.

The doctors were far less concerned than I was.  We made an appointment with a pediatric neurologist and were instructed to continue life as usual.  We did!  We went back to our busy schedules. I attended the women’s conference.  Two days later the seizures began again and would not stop.

After three nights in the hospital, our two year old was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, medicated, and sent home to never seize again.  Superhero Son is fine, seizure free, and healthy as ever. It wasn’t just raining on us that week.  It poured!

Despite our troubled times, we also receive blessing in waves.  When we put God first in our lives, we allow Him to be in charge.  When we take the time to pray and listen for His answers, we are committing to doing His will, not ours.  When we allow God to control our lives, He will REIN!  When He reins, blessings will pour!

Believe me, Ihave had our share of rough times.  However, as long I keep God on the throne, he poursHis love and grace into my life.



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