Around the Colvin Cottage: Surprise Vacation

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Where am I while writing this? I am at a luxury resort and spa hidden in the mountains of Virginia.  My husband’s company sent us here, to The Homestead, for a short getaway as a reward for his hard work. I don’t experience anything like this as a teacher! The business world has crazy cool benefits!

We are hanging out in our room for a while before getting dressed for dinner and dancing!  We just had tea in the Grand Hall. We have been contemplating what to do tomorrow. We may hike or get massages.  Perhaps we will swim in the naturally heated pools, heated by natural springs!

This is kind of crazy for us! We don’t vacation very often without the kids. In fact, we spent a few minutes looking at kid-friendly activities just in case we ever bring them here. We probably will spend the remainder of our stay focusing on each other. We know we neglect each other on a daily basis. We spend way more time and energy on our kids, jobs, responsibilities, even hobbies. Bonus trips like this one help keep our marriage strong!

What are you doing to strengthen your marriage?

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