Birthday Shots: The Vaccination Debate

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I know! I know! At first glance, the title took you back to your college days. Then you saw the word vaccination and cringed!  Yep this is about taking your kids to get shots for their birthday!

Superhero Son turned 4 in April.  Darling Daughter turned 1 in May.  In the past few weeks they have each had a blood test and seven shots between them.  While at the doctor’s office with Darling Daughter, I asked my pediatrician how he handles parents who do not want to vaccinate their kids.  He looked at me for a moment and asked why I wanted to know.  I think he was surprised to hear me ask because I have never questioned vaccines before.  I explained that I was curious because we have a family in our school that refuses to vaccinate their kids.

I work in a public school.  We “require” vaccinations before beginning kindergarteners, but there are ways to get waivers that excuse your child from having their vaccinations.  I also live near two universities that had outbreaks of mumps this year.  Why?  There was a population of unvaccinated students on campus!

My pediatrician explained that he believed most parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids are misinformed.  They have researched vaccines using poor methods and base their decisions on studies that have been refuted and proven wrong.  He went on to say that those who refuse vaccinations are usually too young to remember kids dying from diseases we now can prevent.

Many parents cite religious beliefs for their reason to not vaccinate.

I won’t debate either way.  Parents are free to decide what medicine they put into their children’s bodies.  I will only state what I believe based upon the Bible.

Jesus was a great healer.  He also introduced us to another great doctor, Luke!  Jesus sent His disciples out to heal others.  And you know what?!  It worked!  I fully believe that God can gift a human with the power of healing.  I also believe that our society can use medicinal technology to safely administer medication to its citizens.  I pray for the health of my children, but I am smart enough to know that God may provide healthy solutions in the form of healing doctors.

When faced with health concerns, it never hurts to turn to the Greatest Physician and ask for His guidance.

For anyone looking for more information about vaccines, here is a great website for you!



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