The Role of a Teacher: Praying for Oklahoma

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Most of us knew early in our lives that we wanted to be teachers.  We chose a university with a good education program.  Many of us went on to get a Master’s Degree.  We began our teaching careers because we love our students.

We spend our days dealing with parents, testing, teaching standards developed by men and women who have not been inside of a classroom since they graduated, and, by golly, teaching those standards well!  We hold those who cry, we comfort those who suffer loss, we help those who do not know yet how to help themselves, and we teach morals, manners, and life skills.  We do it because we love it!

The worst fear of a teacher is not the testing.   We know the high stakes of our state testing.  We know that our kids must do well for their own futures.  We know our school, and perhaps our careers, depend upon those scores.  It is not what we fear the most.

Our biggest fear is not the parents.  Some parents try to intimidate.  It is frustrating to sit across the conference table from a parent who just doesn’t seem to grasp reality.  Parents do not make us tremble at night.

Our biggest fear is not the budget.  We face job loss, loss of materials, cut programs, and buildings that badly need repair.  This is not our greatest fear.

The greatest fear of a teacher is the safety of those children placed in our classrooms for safe keeping throughout the year.  We know the stories of bravery from Virginia Tech professors, Sandy Hook first grade teachers, and now Oklahoma.  If tragedy occurs, could I keep my children safe?

They need our prayers today!  In fact, every teacher who sits and wonders if he/she could protect the students in their classrooms needs your prayer today.



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