A Bit Distracted: Watching the Rain Fall

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Springtime brings the terrible thunderstorms with it.  Usually we have hard winds accompanied by hard rains.  These storms can shred my hostas, rattle my windows, rip the blossoms off of the trees, and cause power outages.  Those really bum me out, especially when I have a book deadline approaching!

Tonight was different.  Instead of working on the manuscript of this book, I found myself staring out the french doors leading to my back deck.  The dark thunderclouds of the spring storm broke enough to see the sun setting behind the trees.  The winds died.  The torrential downpour turned into a gentle summer-like rain.  For a few moments I sat here, already in my pajamas, and enjoyed watching the rain fall.  Darling Daughter was already asleep, Superhero Son was watching Bubble Guppies, dinner was over, baths were finished, the laundry was caught up (sort of!), and I was distracted from my work by the rain.  So I just stopped and watched it fall.

Yeah, I know!  It sounds ridiculous, but I just needed some time to watch the rain fall.  I didn’t worry about the fifth grade trip tomorrow.  I didn’t spend my extra time folding clothes, mopping floors, or washing dishes.  I allowed my eyes to stray from the computer screen and my brain from the mountains of work.

I bet the Proverbs 31 woman took time to watch the rain fall.  She probably didn’t do it often.  She may not have told anyone about her quiet moments.  In fact, her “quiet moments” may have been similar to mine, filled with background noise.  However, I bet she savored them, treasured them, and used them to refuel her spirit!

Enjoy your quiet moments.  Take a few moments to just watch the rain fall.



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