Finding Happiness!


Happiness is a funny thing. It is a feeling, but can be brought about by things or people.  It also can shatter in just a few short moments.  It doesn’t last!

A few years ago I taught with an amazing friend who told me that happiness is a choice we make every day.  I recently had another dear friend tell me the same thing.  This got me thinking about a woman I read about in Good Housekeeping magazine, Gretchen Rubin.

Gretching Rubin began a journey she calls “The Happiness Project.”  She tried to make changes to her life so she would be happier.  She decided she didn’t want to miss out on all her life had to offer.  I imagine she realized that walking around feeling miserable is not nearly as much fun as walking around feeling happy.

I talked to some of my students this week about what makes them happy.  We discussed the fact that everyone has a choice of how to respond to the world around them.  They decided that if a person chooses to be happy in spite of poor circumstances, they deserve their happiness!  Their outlook on life is so interesting.  At only ten or eleven years old they recognize that they get to choose each day if they will exude happiness or grumpiness when they come to school every day.  We really laughed when one student wore a t-shirt with Grumpy Dwarf from Snow White.

We cannot change the fact that life will throw us into some storms. The world around us is tragic in many ways.  We have many issues in our country and our own neighborhoods.   It would be naive to believe otherwise.  However, we do have a choice in our response to those storms.  The smartest people I know choose to be happy!


For more about Gretchin Rubin, check her out here!


2 thoughts on “Finding Happiness!

  1. You dear friend have taught me the lasting joy in choosing joy every day! Blessings to you for this reminder!

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