Quiet Moments


Most of my friends and family know that I get up early.  I didn’t begin this habit until Superhero Son was born. I find that I am exhausted by the time everyone goes to bed at night, so if I want quiet time for myself, it has to be in the mornings.

I use my quiet time to write, read my Bible, clean, shower/dress for the day, and savor the peace that falls upon my home when everyone else is sleeping.  I actually have a friend at school who laughs at me for mopping my floor at 5:30am.  I tried to explain that it is way easier to mop when the one year old, four year old, and husband are NOT trying to walk around!

After four years of rising early, I can vouch for the value it has in my life.  On the surface level, my floors are clean.  My dishwasher gets unloaded.  I am not rushed trying to get myself ready after the kids get out of bed.  A calm, cheerful momma can make the morning flow smoothly for the kids, too.

Beneath the surface are even more benefits.  I am a better mom, wife, friend, writer, and teacher if I have quiet time in the morning.  If I can start my day with my relationship with God, even if it is praying while I mop, my day seems less harried.  I am calmer and more focused on my tasks at hand.  Some mornings I get an hour alone.  Some mornings I get ten minutes, but even the small slivers of time can help.

***After writing this post, I saw the post by Lysa TerKeurst at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Check her out here.  I guess I am not the only one thinking about my quiet time today!***

Find your quiet time folks!



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