Change? Sometimes We Just Don’t Want Change!

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Change scares us!  Many of us try to avoid change because the fear of what lies ahead in our lives scares us more than staying put! For those of you who are nodding your heads in agreement, I am right there with you!

Our house is on the market!  The realtor came to get signatures on all of the paperwork, photograph the house, and go over showing guidelines with us.  The entire thing was slightly overwhelming.  I don’t want strange people wondering around my home.  I don’t want my home to be transformed into a “show house.” As if I could keep it clean enough for that!

The idea that our lives are changing scares me tremendously.  But you know what bothers me the most about it?  Once get moved into our new house, I hate the thought that someone else will make changes to my old house.  I want everything to be left the way I remember it.

You know that feeling when you go off to college, come home for a visit, and realize your parents have changed something in your bedroom?  Yeah, that feeling that you wanted everything to be as you remember it.

I have some students really struggling with that right now.  My kids are getting ready to graduate fifth grade.  They are heading off to middle school in the fall.  They aren’t scared of middle school, but they are incredibly sad to leave our elementary school.  We have several in tears by the end of each day.

Just this week, though, I finally figured out what they were so upset about.  They want everything to stay the same at our school once they leave.  They are all worked up about it because one of my teammates will switch to second grade in the fall.  The students do not like the idea that, if they come visit, she won’t be in the same classroom anymore.

So what do we do with these feelings?  Do we let them hold us back? No!  If my house sells, I will pack it up, wave goodbye, and move on to a bigger house. My students cannot remain in fifth grade. They will graduate, hug us goodbye, and zoom off to middle school in August.

I learned years ago that God’s plan for me is better than any plan I create.  This means that He creates the change in my life more often than I do.  We do not need to fear change, or be saddened that we can’t go back in time.  It isn’t easy, but if we pray to hear God’s will in our life, He will lead us on our journey!



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