My Failures at Clean Eating


It is an understatement, I’m sure, to assume the Proverbs 31 woman didn’t feed her kids processed foods.  They probably didn’t eat many hotdogs, chef boyardee, or frozen chicken nuggets.  I made a great attempt at clean eating in our family.  I failed miserably!

I am in charge of ALL menu planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.  The only exception is Sunday lunch.  We usually go out to a restaurant after church.

This means I choose what my family eats.  I get very little input from my husband, except that he prefers healthy meals.  He means lots of fruits and vegetables, but it isn’t a real meal unless there is meat, too.

I decided back in the spring that our family would make a conscious effort to stop eating processed foods.  Many of our vegetables are garden grown or from the farmers’ market during the spring and summer anyway.  Much of our meat we processed ourselves as well.  I haven’t quite figured out milk yet, but we have been working hard on our changes.  Until Superhero Son and I got Strep Throat!

Once we were diagnosed, we made a beeline for Kroger.  After dropping off the prescriptions, we made our way to the mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and the ice cream.  Through my feverish state, I didn’t know how to fix clean food that we could swallow without howling in pain!  I even tried Ramen noodles, but it was too salty and got dumped anyway!

Lessons learned:  If I am going to commit to clean eating, I have to learn all of the tricks for emergency situations.  I really didn’t like the mashed potatoes or the mac and cheese.  It tasted so much worse than the foods we had gotten used to eating.  The ice cream, however, was amazing!

If any of you have advice on clean eating, please help me out!



2 thoughts on “My Failures at Clean Eating

  1. I am like you and have to plan 6 meals a week as we eat out on Sunday. I try to have freezer meals ready to go for when I get too weak or in pain to cook something straight away (I have 7 autoimmune diseases). Having things like homemade chicken noodle soup or even freezing mash potatoes would work. I’m not sure how clean mac n cheese could be, but I bet you could find clean ingredients for it. (I don’t eat pasta unless it’s rice as I have Celiac disease). Having lots of variety in your fruits and veggies is good, too, that way you don’t get bored with it.

    One thing I would caution is not to let clean eating become an idol. I have been there several times over. Because of my 7 autoimmune diseases, I have tried every way of eating imaginable (raw foods, vegetarian, paleo, primal, clean eating, gluten free, etc). I finally had to settle on gluten free and oxalate free and leave it at that. It was consuming me to the point that I made my husband and son’s life miserable policing everything that went in their mouth.

    I think it’s great to be a good steward of our body for sure, just be careful and don’t forget to enjoy life. Focus on relationships and memories. They don’t want to remember the evils of cake, but instead the joy, happiness, bonding time, and fun that came with that piece of cake. Notice I said piece. Everything in moderation 🙂

    • Thanks for you comment! I like the idea of freezing some food for future moments of weakness! You are so right that creating happy memories should be our focus.

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