With the Help of Good Friends!

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Several changes occurred lately that reminded me how important my good friends are in my life.  Two of my teacher friends are leaving education, both for different reasons. However, I am happy that I have enough in common with them aside from teaching to carry on our friendship.  Another friend, who has been teaching next door for a couple of years, is moving to a new building.  I will miss not seeing her everyday.

All of these changes made me wonder who my “real” friends are.  Are they the people I see everyday?  Those that I keep in touch with over a span of years?

Tonight, however, I can describe a good friend!  Tonight we locked the keys in the car!

Years ago, before my husband went to college, he and his parents had these awesome neighbors.  They had two kids slightly younger than my husband’s youngest brother.  I think my husband felt like he had two extra little brothers.

Over the past few years, those boys grew.  They both were in our wedding 6 years ago.  This year, one of them graduated from high school.

We drove over to his house tonight to deliver a card and gift of congratulations.  Thinking we would only be away from the car for a few minutes, we left the dog in the car.  She hit the lock buttons!  Both sets of keys were locked in the car!

We spent about two and half hours hanging out with my husband’s former neighbors while waiting for help to arrive.  During that time, we were reminded of what good friends these neighbors are.  We realized that we really need to see them more often.

Who came to our rescue? Another amazing friend.  An amazing friend who happens to be a mechanic with tools to break into someone’s car!

Definition of a good friend:  Someone who we easily can converse with, accept our crazy children and love them, and can come to our rescue when we screw up! Our greatest friends are those we love for who they are!

The greatest friend we have is Jesus, but we are blessed with great friends in this life as well! I hope you feel blessed by your friends today!



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