Does This Make My Pride Look Fat?


I struggle with my pride!  A LOT!  I recognize boastful pride in others because I deal with it in myself.

This past week, part of my conversation with our youth kids at church centered around worldly desires.  I stated that one of my worldly desires that I need to give up is my need for recognition for my efforts.  Allow me to try to explain!

When I work incredibly hard cleaning the house, cooking an amazing meal, and successfully caring for our children, I want my husband to recognize my hard work and praise me for it.  It doesn’t matter that my role in our home is to clean, cook, and care for the kids.  When I take on a huge load of work at school, carry committees, and lead others, I want my administration to recognize my accomplishments.  Again, it doesn’t matter that these duties fall under normal teacher tasks.  Sound familiar?

The problem is that God commands us to do all things as if we are doing them for Him.  If that is the case, He gets the credit, not us!  I am slowly learning that!  I mentioned before that I am a slow learner.  God usually has to work on me for a long time before the point gets across.

I caught myself this week calling someone out because of their pride.  I felt their pride was getting in the way of effectively doing their job.  Then I remembered that I have to step back and put my pride aside as well.

The book, With Unveiled Face, is almost finished.  Actually, I will finish it within hours of writing this post.  It will go to the publisher in the next 24 hours.  I feel like God is yelling at me loud and clear, “Remember, Jessica, this is NOT your book.  It is mine.  You do not get to take credit for it!  This is my tool to use in the lives of others.”  It is quite humbling, actually.

It is an odd feeling.  I usually have this great sense of accomplishment when finishing a huge project.  I sit back, relax for a while, and imagine the comments I will get from others praising me for my work.  (Yeah, that sounds really big-headed doesn’t it?!) This time is different.  This time, instead of sitting back at the finish of a project, I have already begun to look ahead to the next.

Does your pride interfere with the rest of your life?




4 thoughts on “Does This Make My Pride Look Fat?

  1. Agreed dear one! I struggle with the same thing. I see as my children get older they look to see how I handle compliments and accomplishments. Humbleness is so key!! To God be the glory!!

  2. Oh yes! I really struggle with wanting recognition for what I do. I don’t think I accomplish much, at least not compared to what I see others doing. Nevertheless, I want people to see that I’m working hard and think I’m doing well. It seems like most of the time I’ve lost the battle to pride. That’s why I’m so glad God hasn’t given up on me.
    Richest blessings,

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