When Jesus Chooses to NOT Calm the Storm


Constant thunder rumbling, lightening flashing so often the road remained visible despite the night sky and fog, rain sheeting down so hard the windshield blades couldn’t keep up.  But the worst element of our drive home last night was watching  out for flooded roads.  I cautiously traveled the route my father-in-law said would be best.  After a few minutes, my shoulders, jaw, and hands hurt.  I realized I was tensing my shoulders, clenching my jaw, and gripping the steering wheel harder than necessary.  I prayed!

Last night Jesus chose to NOT calm the storm around me.  I had to travel through it until I got home.  Despite how hard I prayed for the rain to calm or for the flood waters to recede, they did not.  And let me tell you, folks, I was SCARED!

Finally, when I wasn’t sure I could take it anymore, familiar lights pulled behind me.  My husband was now driving his truck just behind my car.  I relaxed.  I realized the both of my kids were sound asleep in the backseat.  I thought they might be afraid of the storm, but they were comforted by my presence with them in the car.  They thought they were safe because I was there.  I felt safer when my husband appeared.

New thought!  Sometimes Jesus chooses for us to have to drive through the storms.  In fact, He may even place them in front of us on purpose.  However, when the storm doesn’t calm, He sends us comfort.  I admit, there are times when I cannot feel the presence of God in my life.  There are bad days when I feel alone.  Thankfully, I believe that during those lonely, fearful times, God sends people to us to comfort us.

I believe my husband was sent to me ten years ago to be a great force in my life.  He has always been a huge encourager, and he often believes I can accomplish anything, even when I am not so sure.  When I need comfort, he is here.

When my kids are scared, they have both of us.

When Jesus chooses to NOT calm the storms in your life, who comes to comfort you?



2 thoughts on “When Jesus Chooses to NOT Calm the Storm

  1. This was very encouraging to me because I have a storm I am going to be facing up ahead! It’s nice to remember that sometimes we do have to ride out the storm but Jesus will never leave us alone!

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