Convicted: Time to Dig Back Into the Bible


You know those moments when you hear a song or a devotional or even overhear a conversation, and you suddenly feel convicted?  Yep!  That was me this morning in the car.

I was driving Superhero Son and Darling Daughter to their sitter’s house to play with their friends.  I was listening to Spirit FM and Linda’s Devotional came on.

It was all about the power of the Bible.  Her message was not new to me.  I fully understand that my Bible has great power.  She said that we were never made to live without  our Bibles and stressed the need to read it daily.  I completely agree, but I haven’t been doing it!

I think I justified myself and my laziness by arguing that I was too busy finishing a devotional book, With Unveiled Face, due to be released in October.  Wasn’t writing a devotional book enough?  Clearly God thinks not!

As I listened to Linda reading scripture about the power of the Word of God, I felt so convicted.  I knew I had to get busy with my own studying of the Bible. I know God has these great plans for me, my writing, and my teaching of youth in our church, but those plans can’t happen if I don’t keep studying.

So here is my new problem.  Whenever I am ready to start over in my Bible study, I always feel overwhelmed.  There is so much I don’t know or understand.  I have read through the entire Bible, but that doesn’t mean I understood even the surface of each book.  Thankfully the internet and my Bible app on my tablet have a wealth of starting points!  I might even be able to argue the need to go buy a new journal just for this purpose!



6 thoughts on “Convicted: Time to Dig Back Into the Bible

  1. I have those moments all the time. Or if I find myself missing some days of devotions, I feel like I’m not getting refreshed or am missing something..
    I have missed some lately and that is exactly how I have been feeling

  2. Oh Linda and SpiritFM…how they speak to me too! A few months ago I was withholding forgiveness from a doctor who probably doesn’t even remember my name or situation. Several times God placed the idea of forgiveness in my heart for this individual, but I continued to withhold. After many prompts from God through SpriitFM, one morning I conceded and forgave saying “Okay GOD. I get it.” A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I also need to get back to studying the Word more. Thanks for the reminder!! 🙂

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