The Beliefs and Explorations of a Child

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I am amazed daily by my children.  Two of the greatest lessons they have taught me is how to explore this world and how to believe.

This past weekend, my family of four traveled to the lake.  The condos where we stay have a private beach where I took the kids in the mornings before my husband was awake enough to make plans for the day.  This was the first time Darling Daughter really played in sand.  She was so funny trying to figure out what all she could do with it.  She tried her best to clean up all of the sand by filling up all of our buckets.

I just sat back and watched her try new things with sand.  I realized that we should all explore our world this way.  Sometimes we are too afraid of getting dirty.  We won’t just dig in and see what life has to offer us.

Superhero Son is my instructor on believing in what I thought to be impossible.  He thinks Jesus is the greatest superhero in the world.  He is probably right!  When I feel frustrated or powerless toward a situation, he will tell me to just get Jesus to help me.  He demonstrates total submission and faith in God.

We were reading a library book last night.  Superhero Son asked me to read all of the words on the first page, the title page.  I told him about the author.  He asked what “author” meant.  I tried to explain that the author was the person who wrote the book, but a publisher made lots of copies of it.  He immediately told me that I was an author because I wrote a book, and maybe a publisher would make lots of copies so kids all over earth could read it.  I told him that would be nice, but unlikely.  He told me that Jesus could probably take it all around earth for me if I asked Him for help.

I just sat and stared at him for his complete faith that Jesus would do such a thing.  I realized that I need to listen to my kids and believe a little more in the power of God.

What lessons do your children teach you?



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