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You know, Independence Day may be one of my favorite holidays. Nobody got up at 4am to roast a turkey. I didn’t spend two months searching for “the perfect gift” for everyone in the family. Instead, the kids and I are just hanging out with family, hoping for a break in the rain so we can swim. Our only focus today is a celebration. In fact, Superhero Son announced that today is Captain America’s birthday.

What would the Proverbs 31 woman celebrate today? Since she put God first in her life, she would probably focus on celebrating her freedoms from oppression and ability to praise God. We are lucky enough to have many more freedoms than she had. We live in a country founded upon Christian values. Regardless of political views, I still have the freedom to worship as I choose and raise my children to believe every word of the Bible.

The greatest freedom we have is from sin. The gift of Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice freed us from the greatest oppression, our own sin and an eternity of suffering. It is unfortunate that the Proverbs 31 woman could not celebrate this gift from Christ.

Today as we watch fireworks, grill our burgers, and enjoy our families, let’s remember our greatest reasons to celebrate.  I may have a hard time convincing Superhero Son that this is not a celebration for Captain America, but I will celebrate the freedom to attempt to teach him the true meaning of today.

Happy Independence Day! Our family wishes you all a safe celebration today!



One thought on “Celebrate!

  1. How blessed we are to rise each morning with the freedom to worship and teach our children about the miracles and freedom Jesus graciously gives. Superhero son will know this is his heart, because his mama does!!

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