Percy Jackson and Other Heroes of Olympus

Percy Jackson movie poster

Percy Jackson movie poster

One of my goals for the summer was to read a ton of books I have on my classroom shelves that I have never read.  I had stacks to get through, and I have spent a significant part of each day reading through these books written for 8-12 year olds.  I know!  It is a tough life when you have to read each day!:)

Who knew that I would find worthy, biblical lessons in a book about Greek mythology??!!

I knew the Percy Jackson series was extremely popular, but I hadn’t actually read any of them.  The first book is called The Lightning Thief.  I didn’t know that! Well, it just so happens that I read the first book of Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series, The Lost Hero,  instead of the the first book of the Percy Jackson series.  I realized my mistake, but I was already into the book, so I finished it.  Then I watched the movie of The Lightning Thief.  

Lessons learned:

  • I then had to go read The Lightning Thief.  I liked it so much better than the movie.  In fact, the ending stunned me.  The book’s ending is way better than the movie’s ending.  I have since finished the second, and I am half way through the third in the series.
  • There is a huge difference in the Greek gods and our God, but our God has the power of all of the Greek gods rolled into one being.
  • If my children were old enough, I would read these books to them!  We could have long talks about the power of God in our lives.
  • These books perfectly illustrate the power of prayer!
  • When I get hooked on a series of books, it gets expensive.

The other Percy Jackson books are slowly coming out as movies.  I imagine the other series, The Heroes of Olympus, by the same author will be turned into movies as well.  The fourth book in that series will be out this fall.  Despite my infatuation with the Percy Jackson books, the other series is better.

You know, many Christians shy away from popular culture.  We have to learn how to live in this world in a Christian way.  These books have a lot of value to them as great works of fiction.  They have the potential to turn kids onto reading like the Harry Potter books did several years ago.  As long as we remember to discuss with our kids the myths of the gods and the truths of our God, our children can enjoy books like these for years to come!



2 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and Other Heroes of Olympus

  1. There are a lot of movies and books that we can use as teaching tools for our children, grandchildren and anyone, really. There are lots of instances we, as Christians, can see the parallel between secular and Christian. I’ll never forget one of the later Superman movies, where Superman and Lois are talking and she says the world doesn’t need a savior, and Superman takes her into outerspace (I wonder how she was able to breath:)), and Superman said that he hears people all over crying out each day for a savior! How true that is! I just loved that part of the movie. Even the hardest of hearts, truly wants a savior, and He’s there just waiting on them to call out to Him. Jesus loves us all and wants all to be saved. Thanks for the great post and review. I have seen the first Percy Jackson movie and now I’m eager to read the books and to check out the other series byRick Riordan.

    • Thanks for your comment. We are given the task of ministering to others in our lives. I love when pop culture gives us easy ways to do that! Your example is perfect!

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