A New Prince…Wait! Aren’t We All Chosen Royalty?


I suppose everyone who isn’t spending their summer in a bubble knows that a new prince was born yesterday in England.  As with many Americans, I have a slight fascination with the Royal Family.  One of my favorite things about visiting London was touring the many castles and the gardens of Kensington Palace.

Yesterday, Prince William and Kate began a journey of parenthood that my husband and I began four years ago.  It makes me wonder how many conveniences they will have that we didn’t.  Regardless, labor and delivery are not easy on anyone.  I imagine they are as thankful today as we were with each of our babies.

Superhero Son had lots of questions this week about why a prince or princess was about to be born.  Then he decided that he would pretend to be the prince, and his sister could be a princess.  It occurred to me that I want my children to understand that they are a prince and princess in the Kingdom of God.

We are promised a royal palace and a place with our King.  Our status in this earthly life is not nearly as important as our status with God.

We have spent loads of time this summer working on preschool skills with Superhero Son.  I stress over his inability to write his name and celebrate his successes in counting, adding, and subtracting.  This conversation about the new prince serves as a great reminder that preparing my son for school is not nearly as important as preparing him for Heaven.  What if I spend an equal amount of energy and time teaching him scripture verses, praise songs, and prayers?

I guess my point is to remember that every baby born is a prince or princess.  England’s new royal baby will be raised with the understanding that he is important to his kingdom.  I want my kids to know that they are important in the Kingdom of God.



2 thoughts on “A New Prince…Wait! Aren’t We All Chosen Royalty?

  1. You are so right. We do tend to get all caught up in the positions here on earth and who is richer or from a better family and such. But in Jesus Christ, we are princes and princess…we are heirs with Christ in the greatest kingdom ever, the Kingdom of God!!!!
    Thanks for the great post. I’ll admit, I too, am drawn to the royal family in England…I think it’s fascinating!

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