Choices: What To Do with All of My Free Time

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I rarely have free time. My to-do list is always full. The kids keep me hopping. The house always needs to be cleaned. Laundry piles up. You get the picture. In fact, I bet you are in the same boat. However, every once in a while, I will steal a few moments for myself. I may find ten or fifteen minutes while the kids nap when I cannot vacuum or put away clothes in their room. I find little breaks when my to-do list hits a stand-still. So what do I do in my free time? Oh the choices!

When my kids were tiny babies, I slept! Now I can manage the day without a nap, thankfully! So what are my choices? I could spend my free time in a very productive way by working on school work or writing.  I could work on a task beneficial to my family, such as meal planning. I could mindlessly search Pinterest or Facebook. Better yet, I could mindlessly get lost in games of Candy Crush Saga. I could read or dream up new preschool projects for Superhero Son.

Oh the choices I have! Now, none of the choices listed are sins, right? I am not a bad person or participating in any wrong doing if I chose to spend my free time on any of these activities. Unless I put them before God. We are told over and over in the Bible that God must come first in our lives. So how should I spend my free time? My choices narrow to reading my Bible, working on Sunday School lessons, or simply praying.  By putting God first, our lives will remain focused. These quiet moments allow God to speak to our hearts and guide our minds. When we have committed our hearts and minds to God, we may see that spending time with Him is far more relaxing and renewing than time spent on Facebook.



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