Disappointment Stinks!


You know those days at work when you just feel frustrated and disappointed with a change?  That was me when I left work to go pick up my kids yesterday.

A policy change in my school district rocked my world.  The policy change affected the student groupings in my classroom for this school year.  I was upset that I had spent all summer planning lessons that needed to be altered now.  I felt bad for my team, also struggling to make sense of how we needed to adjust.  I felt angry that I didn’t know this sooner.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our disappointment.  It causes resentment and anger to surface before we can stop it.  These negative emotions will not help me or my team adjust to the changes.

After stewing and thinking about the new way my classroom will run, I decided I needed to put forth a more positive attitude for those around me.  My grumpiness was seriously rubbing off onto my kids!  I stopped pouting and started playing with my four year old and one year old.  Once I had the kids fed and bathed, I texted my team of teachers to tell them I had complete confidence in our ability to work together and figure out how to manage the changes.

I didn’t solve any problems last night.  I did, however, change my attitude so that I went to bed feeling more positive.  God doesn’t place the burden of solving the world’s problems upon us.  He asks us to act, lead, and persevere in Godly ways.

As I drink my coffee this morning and consider my day, I know that I have a lot of hard work ahead.  With the strength and courage I draw from my Heavenly Father, I know I can lead my team in the right direction today with the right attitude.



3 thoughts on “Disappointment Stinks!

  1. I am with you sister! We are going to turn our complaints to compliments. Compliments of praise to our God that He created us to be His daily vessels!!

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