Moving Past Your Past

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Anyone else haunted by mistakes of their past?
Not a good feeling, right?
Take comfort in a few words. Jesus was a friend of sinners when walked this earth. He continues to be a friend of sinners today!
The Bible promises that God has a plan for us. This plan is a prosperous plan, not a plan of misery and destruction. Jeremiah 29:11 lays it out for us. We have amazing futures when we follow God’s plan.
Forgive yourselves. Forgive others. Ask for forgiveness. Move past your past. I feel so sad for those that harbor anger and resentment from their past. It makes them miserable to the point that they cannot enjoy their blessings.
Finally, make changes in your daily life that set you up for success. Pray. Read your Bible. Listen for the voice of God instructing you.
I feel a little preachy this morning, but why waste your future on mistakes of the past?



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