Around the Colvin Cottage: Getting Back Our Groove

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Bittersweet best describes our home this week.  The kids are excited to be back at their sitter’s house five days a week.  I am in love with my new class for the year.  My husband secretly is happy that  both of us now have to get up each day and work, not just him.  We are all happy to be back to a normal schedule and more predictable routine.  However, nobody is happy to say goodbye to our amazing summer!

This week was all about getting back into our groove.  Bathtimes and bedtimes are earlier.  Cleaning schedules and and cooler weather have returned.  I am back to writing at 5am, out the door by 7, and grading papers once the kids are in bed.  Superhero Son is not happy that preschool work is after dinner, but he loves that our reading time has moved until his sister is already in bed.  Other than the extra house showing Wednesday morning, our week went as planned!

Many of my friends are making new routines this fall. Some are adjusting to kids beginning kindergarten.  Others are adjusting to retirement or not returning to work to stay home with babies.  I hope your family is adjusting weither you are returning to routines or creating new ones.



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