Seeking, Finding, and Celebrating Our Joy

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Wow!  Yesterday’s post touched a soft spot for some of us!  Comments came pouring into my email.  A few posted to the blog.  It seemed that everyone had something to say about waking up and focusing on the joy in their lives.

I think my favorite had to be Rebeca’s comment.  You can find her at

“Beautifully said! How do I find the joy of the Lord? I think you nailed it in one word: seeking. If I actively look for the joy in my life, it is there. It is no less available if I do not seek it, I simply miss out on enjoying it. (Does that make any sense at all?) Nice reminder to seek His joy today. Thanks!”

She is absolutely correct.  We must seek the joy in our lives.  Opportunities to enjoy our lives present themselves each day.  We are commanded by God to be joyful.  Therefore, we must look for those joyful moments.  Once we find them, we must celebrate!

Here is the verse from yesterday.

Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

We are to celebrate!  Then we are to send the celebration to those that have nothing prepared.  

Here is my interpretation:  Celebrate and invite others!  Once you establish the joy in your life today, go find someone who could use a good dose of joy.  Share the celebration.  Don’t let others drag you down; lift them up!  Each time we open our mouths to speak, we can either lift someone up or tear them down.  Use your voice today to share joy!



One thought on “Seeking, Finding, and Celebrating Our Joy

  1. Alright, I will try to tell this as succinctly as possible, but I just have to share. I had a situation this morning in which I was NOT choosing joy. I even verbally vomited all over a friend about it which is not usual for me. Then I come here and, lo and behold, there are my own words from yesterday looking me in the eye.

    The conviction was full and swift. How quickly I forget to put into practice my own words! I immediately called my friend, apologized for the lack of joy in my conversation and we shared a few moments of sweet fellowship.

    I love it when my Heavenly Father loves me enough to whack me upside the head when I need it! This morning’s conviction has restored my joy. Let the celebration of the day begin! Thank you!

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