Inspiring Women: Runners from Around the World

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Yesterday morning, I pulled myself out of bed at 4am, began a dark drive to Blacksburg, VA, with my mother, pinned my bib by the light of my cell phone, and lined up to begin the Hokie 5k.  I found myself among a group of about 500 men and women preparing to race around Virginia Tech’s campus. My finish time wasn’t spectacular, but I beat my time from my last finish!

Just before the start of my race, a much larger group began theirs, a half marathon.  For those of you who are not runners, that is 13.1 miles.  That distance completely trumps my 3.1 mile race!  A little more than 1200 runners attempted this distance!

After I finished, I grabbed water and some food, and I headed back to the finish line to watch others cross.  After a little while, a few men from the half marathon finished.  The announcer read out their names and a short bio of each one.

Once the top few men crossed the finish line, a couple of women arrived.  The first and second were from Kenya and Ethiopia.  The second place woman was only 18 years old!  Just behind them, the third place finisher crossed, a woman from Great Britain who ran in the 2012 London Olympics!

The most amazing part?  They each finished 13.1 miles in just over 1 hour!

God created these amazing bodies for us!  When I watch someone use their bodies to accomplish great things, I am amazed by the strength, endurance, and power He has given so many of us!  Granted, I may never run a half marathon, but I was inspired by the women I ran with yesterday!

Of course, I would be in big trouble if I didn’t also mention that my mama, who is 61, smoked me with her 5k finish in under 30 minutes!

What inspires you?



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