Survivor, Big Brother, and Facing Reality!


I have this secret obsession with reality tv.  I have been a Survivor fan since I was really young.  I have signed t-shirts from contestants, can tell you life stories of castaways, and recap entire seasons.  My big brother got me interested in Big Brother a few years ago. My husband thinks I am ridiculous!

I watch these shows because I am fascinated by how people treat each other when put into stressful situations.  Both shows cut contestants off from their normal lives, throw them in with a bunch of strangers, and ask them to live together in harmony.  Of course that harmony part usually doesn’t happen.

This sounds crazy, but I think I use these shows to escape my own reality.  There are days when I just need a break from thinking about work, kids, cleaning, grading, and worrying.  I use books the same way.  I can get caught up in a story, focus on the lives of the characters, and forget, momentarily, about my own worries.  Eventually, however, I have to come back into my own reality and face my struggles.  That’s where God comes in!

I know it sounds silly, and I don’t let my children watch these shows.  I guess I enjoy having an escape, even if it is for only  one hour a week!    I even feel guilty about it because I know I should be folding clothes or grading papers instead.  While it isn’t a sin to simply watch tv, I know God probably wishes I would use my time better. I am fully aware that I use this for stress release.  I suppose it is better than stress-eating!

How do you escape reality?


5 thoughts on “Survivor, Big Brother, and Facing Reality!

  1. I love Big Brother! Nothing wrong with an escape, especially as a parent. It keeps you sane. I just make sure to spend my time with the Lord and don’t overdo the escapes. I consider it like dessert after a meal. God and feeding my soul first. Then, fun!

  2. Jesus took breaks from time to time … it is a coping mechanism that us humans need … & if “Mom” is happy — all are happy. Now that our guys are older, I say if the J-boys are happy, Mom is happy. I do believe God wants us to find our niche of “simple enjoyable breaks from reality”. For now, mine is kayaking with my Kobe-dog and reading.

  3. I’m not a reality show fan, unless it’s 19 Kids and Counting or an occasional Duck Dynasty, but I do like to escape my reality with Christian fiction, several fav TV shows, and movies and working on some neat project on my computer. I know that I could spend my time better and I feel guilty by “chilling out” but, it’s something God and I need to work on. Putting Him first and then my family….I need to be way down the line, yet I know I need the “me” time to relax and unwind. It’s a balancing act I’m in constant struggle with. Does anyone else relate?

    • I absolutely relate to the constant struggle. In fact, I just found myself torn between going over the website for my new book, playing with my son, and folding laundry. On some level all of these honor God. Balancing all of that with much needed time to myself often seems impossible!

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