Reactions and Choosing Your Actions

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Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23)

You know those moments when someone asks you a question, you react, and then you try to cover up your reaction?  Let me give you an example.  Yesterday a student asked me a question about a change to my schedule.  I don’t like the change, but I didn’t really want to kids to know that.  My reaction, however, made it all too clear.  I quickly tried to cover for myself by explaining that I will try to reserve judgement until I see the effects of the change.  I didn’t do such a great job hiding my true feelings.

This verse from Proverbs came to mind.  I realized that I have to really guard my heart from negativity.  There are moments when I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I cannot hide my true feelings about a situation.  I need for my true feelings to always be full of love toward others, peace regardless of the circumstances, and hopefulness for the future.  I don’t want to walk around as an example of negativity for my students or my personal children.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that I need to spend more time filling my heart with prayer, Bible study, friendly conversations, and positive self-talk.  If not, my actions and reactions may be full of gossip, hurtful words, and uncertainty about the future.  I know that I can trust my future to God, so my reactions need to be filled with a peacefulness to demonstrate that.

Anyone else have a bad reaction story to share?



One thought on “Reactions and Choosing Your Actions

  1. I don’t have one particular story to share, but I have been finding this issue cropping up all too often. And I agree with your solution–in my own mind I keep hearing, “I need more Jesus right now”. I find that when I am focused on Him, and am spending time with Him, I can more easily go with the flow and negativity finds no place to hang on to me. The verse speaks well to this–Nicely done!

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