Facing Life’s Disappointments with Batman

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My children are awesome.  They are mine, so I get to brag.  Everyday they present the world to me in a way that differs from my stuffy, adult-like way of viewing our life.  They also give me great writing material!

Last week, we had another house showing.  This time it required us to stay out of our house until after 6pm.  I picked up the kids and headed to the library.  Once we got there, we realized that it was closing early and were shooed away.  I was bummed!  I had all these great ideas for my class and for my kids.  I had a list of fall books I wanted!  The library majorly messed up my plans! I got back in the car disappointed and not sure what to do with the kids for another hour.

Superhero Son is named for his love of all things superhero.  He is only complete when he is holding a superhero toy.  His finest moments are in costume, surrounded by toys, and creating “movies” with his action figures.  With time to kill, he, of course, wanted to head to McDonalds.  They recently had Power Ranger toys in their happy meals.  If you got all of the different rangers, they connected together to create a giant megazord.  He had all but one!  Suddenly, we had a new mission.

Occasionally, I take my kids threw drive-thrus.  We don’t do it often, but every other week or so, we get happy meals.  He was able to collect all the pieces to the megazord with the help of my fifth graders who didn’t care so much about Power Rangers.  Today, however, we were going inside to eat.  I wanted to speak to the cashier face-to-face.  I needed a certain toy to complete the set.

We pulled up and Superhero Son yelled, “Mommy! The Power Ranger sign is gone!!!!” His heart sank.  He was so upset that it appeared as if our time had run out.  Power Rangers were no longer at McDonalds.

I told him we would go ask if they still had a few lying around.  I knew deep inside my disappointment about library books would be nothing compared to his disappointment of not getting the complete set of Power Rangers.  As we approached the front door, Superhero Son caught a glimpse of a new poster.  This poster advertised the replacement toys.  He gripped my hand as tightly as he could.  Could it be???

“Mommy! I don’t even like Power Rangers.  Look!  They have BATMAN!!!!”

An hour later, we pulled into our drive with two new Batman toys, full bellies, a clean house, no library books, and new perspective on disappointment.  First of all, Batman trumps all other superheros.  Secondly, my son showed me that I need to stop worrying about what might have been, deal with my present situation at hand, and focus on my future.  He now plans to visit McDonalds until he has every single Batman toy.



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