Freedom Granted Through Following God’s Rules

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For those of you who may not know, I teach a group of kids each Sunday morning.  Their ages range from around 10 to around 14.  Occasionally we have a guest whose age is beyond those boundaries, but for the most part, they are middle schoolers.

My curriculum for yesterday required me to teach the story of Moses leading the Israelite nation out of Egypt.  The kids knew the basic story.  They understood the plagues, the celebration of Passover, the parting of the Red Sea, and the power of God transferred into Moses and Aaron.

Upon the suggestion of a fellow teacher, I approached this well known story as a way to teach how God grants us freedoms, but only when we follow the rules.  They began by listing their freedoms and rules in their own lives.  Of course, they had way more rules!  At the end of class, we added rules and freedoms created by God for us.  Again, they had more rules.  However, after a few minutes of discussion, one girl said that the greatest freedom is the promise of Heaven.  She continued to explain that Heaven’s freedom far outweighs any rule we follow on Earth.

I continued thinking about her statement throughout the day.  It is the end of the month.  My husband works terribly long hours when trying to finish out the month at work.  When he is gone this much, I grow weary from my own job and taking full responsibility for all things relating to our kids and our home.    It is easy to let exhaustion overtake my willpower.  God has set forth a clear set of rules for my life.  It is so easy to let those requirements slide when life gets hectic.  My student reminded me that this life and this exhaustive state are temporary.  Time for prayer, Bible study, and following God’s commandments over my life will carry me through eternity.

It isn’t easy following God’s rules all day, every day.   However, with the promise of His love for all time, we can’t afford to not follow God!



One thought on “Freedom Granted Through Following God’s Rules

  1. Kids are sometimes amazingly perceptive, aren’t they? I find that when I get too exhausted to do what I’m supposed to (time in prayer and in the Word) I end up even more exhausted. I think that many of God’s ‘rules’ are in place to spare us unnecessary worry, fatigue, etc. However, all too often my focus is not on eternity and I mistake His loving ways for burdensome rules. Sigh. Makes me look forward to the day I no longer struggle with such things! 🙂

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