Making Tough Choices With Courage

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all of our decisions could be based simply upon what is right and what is wrong? In a perfect world, the right decision would be easy to see, cause no harm, and always “feel” like the right choice.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the way our world works.  Occasionally we are faced with choices that will hurt others no matter which decision you make.

As a teacher, I often have to choose between devoting more time and energy to my job and spending time with my kids.  Putting in more effort at school, staying later, bringing home more work, and spending more money on my students can be very helpful to them.  I may be able to reach a student in a different way.  I may be able to take them further through the curriculum.  The added effort may be the difference in this kid passing state tests or failing.  But at what cost for my own kids?

When I stay late at school or bring home piles of papers to grade, my own kids lose their mom.  That extra time should also be spent folding clothes, cleaning house, and playing with my kids. Darling Daughter LOVES to spend her evenings reading books and singing songs with us.  Superhero Son wants to spend every moment drawing treasure maps, creating “movies” with his action figures, and reading his books about superheroes.  Don’t they deserve my time?

Then again, my students deserve the best teacher they can get, too!

Tough decisions face us around every corner.  It stinks when we know our choices will hurt someone no matter which direction we choose.  We pray for guidance, we hope for miracles, and we ask others for help.

Sometimes we even come across those choices that take great courage.  Jesus is a great example of a man who needed great courage to do what was right by God.  He also didn’t worry too much about hurting the feelings of others.  He was truthful and confrontational.  That takes courage!  For those of you facing one of these decisions, a choice that will require courage, go pray about it.  Take comfort in knowing you aren’t alone!




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