Unveiling the New Book!

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I am so excited!  I would like to introduce you to With Unveiled Face.




For those of you that don’t know, Keith Burt, an amazing man in my church, took nearly 400 Facebook posts about scriptures and sent them to me.  Together, and with the help of a team of editors and theologians, we created a daily devotional book that works more like a daily Bible study.

Busy moms, single parents, anyone looking for a Christmas gift, and anyone looking for a way to encounter God daily, this book was written for YOU!

Keith and I don’t make a single dime from the sales of this book.  Every bit of profit goes directly to our church.  Clearview is a new church that still meets in a high school auditorium.  All proceeds are for our building fund.  We all know it takes nearly a million dollars to build a church here in America.

I would love it if all of you jumped over to amazon.com or Barnes and Noble to buy this, but let me ask this first. Please pray for the sales of this book.  Keith and I desperately want to see our church built soon. We also want people around the world to experience God and His power, mercy, and glory every single day!

Here is the website for the book.  http://www.withunveiledface.com/

Please visit, share with your friends, and pray that God can use this book to spread His love, draw others closer to Him, and build a church that will last generations upon generations.



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