The Bible and Real Life


It seems as if I write about my Sunday School class every Monday, but they are just so darn funny!  They come up with great writing material!

One child yesterday made a statement that probably summed up the entire lesson about Joshua.  He said, “Wow! The Bible has a lot to do with real life.” I laughed, then I sadly realized it was the first time this child had ever made that connection.  To him, the Bible was more fairy tale.  He didn’t see that it applied to his life today.  It is a great history book, but this child saw it as JUST a history book.  

He made the connection because he was picturing Aaron and Hur holding up the arms of Moses while Joshua fought Amalek’s army.  This child said it reminded him of champions from boxing and other types of fighting.  Someone helps hold the arm up of the champion when the match is over.  I laughed because it seemed like an odd aspect of real like to relate to the story of Joshua, but this connection is what he needed.  

As we continued the lesson, he was shocked to know that Israel is still a country, Jerusalem is still a city, and God is just as powerful today as He was when he brought down the walls of Jericho.  

Later on in the day, I felt incredibly sad for this kid.  For him to not understand that our God today is the same God of the Old Testament was heartbreaking.  I want this child to really witness and experience the power of God.  I want him to feel the Holy Spirit inside of him.  

I am asking a favor from each of you today.  This child is going to stand in front of our church congregation next Sunday.  He has volunteered to help with the service by reading a small passage in front of everyone.  Reading isn’t his thing!  I am asking that everyone pray for him to feel the Holy Spirit as he serves our church.  I want this child to experience God in a powerful and positive way.  He is about 13 years old and looking for answers in his life.  He is looking for a path to follow.  Please pray that he finds this path through our church, the Bible, prayer, and a relationship with God.  



3 thoughts on “The Bible and Real Life

  1. I can remember when I was that age and earlier and the Bible was just stories for me too. Then a few years later, with another preacher, God’s Word came alive! I couldn’t believe it all, it was so amazing discovering the Bible and I still feel that way. I’ll pray for this young man as he begins his journey to discover the God of the Bible!

  2. I pray that God would manifest Himself in such a way to live as a witness in this young man. I loved reading that story and was struck by how God can become real to each of us in the midst of what we consider ordinary. Praise God that this youngster has YOU as a teacher!

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