Trying to Find our Rainbows

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It started raining Thursday.  It didn’t stop until late Monday.  The sun finally popped out Wednesday around lunch time.  What did it do Wednesday afternoon?  RAIN!  Forecast for Thursday? RAIN!

Work was hard Wednesday, my husband wasn’t coming home due to an overnight trip, I needed to get groceries, my students needed more time to play outside, my own children needed more time to play outside, and I was crabby!  I did NOT want more rain!

As I pulled into the driveway of my sitter’s house, I saw a faded rainbow in the distance.  I quickly remembered God’s promise to help us succeed in life.  I also took a moment to thank Him for my blessings. Even on my hardest days, I know others have it worse than I do.

Once I saw my son, I tried to show the rainbow to him and one of his friends.  They couldn’t see it.  I realized that I was wearing sunglasses.  I put the sunglasses on the friend, and he excitedly saw the rainbow right away.  Superhero Son tried on the glasses and also saw the rainbow right away.

I am not an expert on color or light, but my glasses darkened the sky and the colors of the rainbow so it was easier to see.  Lesson learned?  Our rainbows are probably out there more than we think.  We just have to wear the right glasses to see them.  We can’t let our bad mood, woe is me attitude, and stressful schedules cloud out the beautiful gifts in our life.

I pray you each find your rainbow today!



One thought on “Trying to Find our Rainbows

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