Still Talking About Rainbows

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Guess what?! It rained again yesterday!  There is just something about rainy days that make me feel like I might go crazy!  I don’t like dragging the kids around in it.  I don’t like driving when the rain is pouring so hard I can’t see well.  I just want to be home in my pjs!

Instead, I had to drag the kids around in it after school.  I needed to meet with a local Christian bookstore to try to get With Unveiled Face stocked there so we can set up a book signing.  I needed to get the kids to my in-laws so I could meet with the fundraising team from church. Finally, I had to get everyone home and in bed!

I bet you can relate!  I bet you can name rainy, yucky, but very busy days when you just want the day to end, curl up in bed, and rest!

As I was mucking through the drizzle to get to one of my meetings, I met a friend on the sidewalk.  She had her little girl, a friend of Superhero Son.  Sure enough, just as they were turning to leave, I caught glimpse of another rainbow!  This one was brighter, bigger, and substantially better than the one the day before.  Nobody needed sunglasses to see it. (see yesterday’s post)

This rainbow glowed so brightly, it overwhelmed the rest of the gray sky.  The atmosphere around me seemed to turn from dark and dreary to bright and cheery.  Once again, lesson learned!

God reminded me that my days won’t all be sunny!  That isn’t what this life is about.  However, during the darkest days and hardest rains, He will send us rainbows to remind us of His love.  Even when the sun isn’t shining, His SON is.



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