9 Mile Backups and Choosing New Routes

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Yesterday afternoon there was a wreck on the interstate I drive on to get home everyday.  My school sits close enough to the interstate that I could see the backup before I left.  Once in my car, the radio said a tractor and trailer had wrecked.  All southbound lanes (the direction I needed) were closed.  A detour was in place, but there was still a nine mile backup.  It didn’t take long or much brain power for me to decide that even the detour would be slowed way down with congestion. I needed an alternative route!

I have lived in this area for six years now.  During the winter, when the roads are covered in snow, my husband likes to pile us up into his big truck and drive the back roads.  It is beautiful to see, and I have learned a lot about different routes to get from one end of the county to the other. 

When I decided that the kids and I would need a third option yesterday, I didn’t need my navigation.  I didn’t need to call my husband for help.  I knew the way.  I had been prepared by past experience to find the right route.

I often write about listening to God’s will and choosing the path He lays ahead for us.  Sometimes the most obvious path is blocked.  Other times, the detour doesn’t look too good either.  There was no doubt in my mind yesterday that I needed a less traveled, narrow road.  It wasn’t the easiest way to get home, but it was the path that led to the least amount of destruction and congestion.  When the time came to choose a path, I didn’t need to get on my hands and knees and ask for help.  The pathway was clear.  I had been prepared to make that choice.  

I believe God does this for us all the time.  His actions don’t always make sense to us at the time, but our circumstances often prepare us for what is coming next.  I wouldn’t say that knowing God’s will is always easy, but I do think He guides us clearly enough that we can discern His will if we listen closely.  

When the road ahead is blocked for you, think about the other routes you have learned.  I bet you have been prepared for the right one!



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