I Can’t Be Like Christ

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One of the most popular sayings of the past twenty years is “What would Jesus Do?”  Over and over in our Christian lives we are told to make choices based upon what Jesus would decide if he were in our shoes. Hmmmm…. what seems wrong with this?

He can’t walk in my shoes. I can’t walk in his. We have one huge difference that separates us. He was perfect. I am not!

He actively walked through His life on earth while knowing what was next. We stumble around. He never questioned His path. We constantly search for ours.

I make mistakes. Some are small, like wrong turns or burning the dinner rolls. Sometimes my mistakes are big and hurtful to others.

I can’t be like Christ because my sin and mistakes separate me from Him.

Instead of trying to emulate His perfection, I have to embrace my imperfection. I know God will find ways to use my mistakes for His greater good.  I also know that because of Jesus’s perfect sacrifice, I can be forgiven.

I can’t be Jesus, but I can be a servant of God. I can accept the love of Jesus. I understand that Jesus was the one and only perfect servant of God.

I haven’t written much lately about the Proverbs 31 woman. However, I think she fits in the same category. She wasn’t perfect either, but she served and served well.



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