Seeking Encouragement


Where do you turn when the frustrations of life overwhelm you? Who do you talk to when feeling discouraged? After a long day of “to do” lists, work, parenting, dealing with the anger and frustrations of others, and trials of life, who are your steadfast rocks?

I am lucky enough to still turn to my parents. They don’t live close by,  but they are only a phone call away.

I also work with amazing ladies who put people above the stresses of work.

The person who listens to sob stories the most, however, is my husband. Many of our nights are filled with long talks after the kids go to bed.

I was thinking about these encouragers in my life and realized a few traits they have in common.

First of all, they are positive, happy people. When I need a boost, I don’t want someone negative trying to bring me down. The ones I turn to are those that choose happiness each day, even when worry, pain, or stress try to creep in.

Secondly, these rocks in my life fully stand on faith in God. They know that we are here to do be the hands and feet of Christ, not live an easy, carefree life. They can offer Christian perspective.

Finally, none of them let me whine too much. All of my encouragers are quick to tell me to shake off the frustrations and move forward. They help me see the big picture of life and stop focusing on small problems. My husband is the best at telling me that worry is a waste of time.

Clearly, these are all earthly. If I need encouragement beyond the help of my rocks, I have to turn to THE Rock.  When I pray, read my Bible, and listen for God’s response, peace comes pouring in.

Who are your rocks? During this season of thankfulness, which people have been placed in your life as encouragers? Who can you thank for lifting up your spirit?

Finally, who can you encourage? Who needs a positive word from you today?



2 thoughts on “Seeking Encouragement

  1. People who will speak life and truth into you, are uplifting and hold you accountable–what treasures indeed! I, too, am beyond blessed to have my parents, my husband, and a few close friends. I am thankful for them every day!

  2. When reading your blog the words of a familiar song popped into my head- Lead me to the rock, the rock that is higher. I praise God that He provides us with loving people who grant wisdom and encouragement. I too, am blessed by my parents, by my amazing coworkers and husband.

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