Prayer for the Giver

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Today is a Christmas party for my kids at their sitter’s house. Superhero Son helped me wrap last night. They draw names, so we had a gift from each of our kids, and a third gift for their sitter.

This morning, I realized that I felt kind of sad for Superhero Son. He is so excited about getting a gift today, but it won’t be any of the gifts on his Christmas list. He asked for about 3 big items, but Santa will take care of those. His friends will get something small today. I hope he gets something he likes, but I have a greater wish for him.

I pray that he can receive the joy of giving.  He is 4 1/2 now. He is old enough to understand that he helped with the gifts for others. I hope he gets excited when he gives. The blessings from giving are never disappointing.

He isn’t a picky kid. I am sure he will love his gift today. I just pray the gift of giving sinks in as well.



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