The Disciplined Life: 5 Tips I Am Trying to Follow

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Joyce Meyer, a phenomenal writer of devotions, wrote this in a devotion I read this morning.

“We need to be mature, disciplined,  Holy Spirit-controlled people, determined to walk in the Spirit.  It takes a constant act of the will to do things God’s way rather than our own way.”

Whether you are trying to organize your house, follow a fitness program, or manage your family, discipline is required. Let’s be honest! We like to be in charge, submitting to no others. We like to make our own rules.  The truth is, that is not the definition of discipline.  For me, living a disciplined life is hard. I am constantly checking in and making changes. I proudly acknowledge that I need the following tips for help.

Here are 5 tips for trying to live a disciplined, Christ – centered life.

1. God is in charge, not you. Discipline means becoming a disciple of something. God wants you to choose Him. We live out our lives in a disciplined way due to obedience to God. Always remember to put God first. Other pieces will fall into place. Pray for His help. Don’t go through change alone.

2. Find a source of motivation. If simply living in obedience to God isn’t enough when you are in the trenches, find some motivation for the hardest days. Social media can be destructive, but it can also be uplifting.  I can always find other blogging mamas out there who motivate me. Pinterest is my go-to place.  There is a wealth of motivating posters and articles for when we lose our steam.

3. Make a plan. This is not the same as a goal or wish list. Write out the steps you will take to reach your goal. What will you do each day? Each week? Make it realistic! Know that life will happen. Make it changeable and allow for adjustments.

4. Start small. If your goal is to read the Bible each day, start with a devotional instead of in depth studies that require a hour a day. If you want to run a 5K, don’t go 2 1/2 miles the first day. Starting too big leads to discouragement.  You are looking at life changes! Allow God to work in your life, but don’t try to force him to change your mind, body, or spirit over night.

5. Take care of yourself during the process. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy foods. Get a flu shot. Surround yourselves with positve, loving people.  When you feel tired or get sick, it is easy to give up. You can not create new habits or stick to a plan if you feel terrible and exhausted. 

Okay folks, time to get it all together over these last ten days of 2013. 2014 lies just around the corner!



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