The Cows Must Think We Are Crazy

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To recover from the massive eating events of the holiday season, my mom and I went for a run yesterday.  I am visiting their home for the holidays,  so we are in the middle of rural Virginia. As we ran by a field of cows, they mooed at us as if they were telling us we were crazy. I guess they truly believed we were insane.

A cow’s job is to get fat. It eats all it can, sees a vet if it gets sick, and eats some more. Unless bred, it just has to get fat. I bet the cows watched us try to burn off the fattening foods and thought we were breaking the laws of nature.

Do we do that? Do we watch others and think they are going against the plan for life? Do we judge them for doing what they think is best?

God gave us each a unique set of gifts. We are to use these gifts according to His will. Others are given different gifts with different jobs in life.  Rather than criticizing like confused cows mooing at runners, we should accept that others may be living their lives according to God’s will. It doesn’t matter if it matches our perspective of the world.

Which are you today? The judging cow or the crazy runner?


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