Oh the Christmas Mess! Time to Clean Up Our Life!


I know why so many people focus on organizing their homes in January. We just took in an incredible amount of stuff for Christmas. Most of it was not only useful, but will be loved and treasured all year.

However, now we have to find a place for it all. Enter our dilemma!   We are out of places to put stuff in our house!

Today’s post begins a new journey of organization for our family. We have too much stuff! If you saw pictures of my home today, you would think my two children ran through destroying everything. It looks like my four year old and one year old are in charge of organization.

I guess it is time to admit that nobody has been in charge of organization.  You know, it can be tough to face the cold, hard truth, but God doesn’t want us to live this way.  If we look at the Proverbs 31 woman, what do you think her house looked like? Did she lose bills and pay a late fee? Were her clothes in heaps on the floor? Did her kids get lost in their toys? Hmmm…. time to make a change! Time to get rid of a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Time to simplify our lives!

I mentioned the pics would be embarrassing, but I will post before and afters as we move through our home.

How we intend to start:
1. We began by getting on the same team. My husband and I have been discussing this for a while.  Christmas morning we made the decision.  It is time to clean up our life!

2. Understand than this is not some New Year’s resolution that we can break. This is a life change that is necessary if we want to be free to carry out God’s work on earth.

3. Plan! We have planned out baby steps. We sectioned off our home into areas to attack. We are beginning in the living room because that is where we hang out the most. The room is so big, we had to break it into smaller chunks. According to our plan, we may not finish the whole house until April.

4. Schedule work times. We are setting aside time in our daily schedules to work on decluttering. My husband has the huge job of moving out trash and items to donate.

5. Pray about it all. We know we won’t be successful without God’s help. We are praying for energy,  motivation,  and stamina.

Join us along this journey. Pictures coming soon!



2 thoughts on “Oh the Christmas Mess! Time to Clean Up Our Life!

  1. It is so hard when you have little ones to stay on top of the daily clutter. One of the most helpful things I found was a woman called The Fly Lady. (seriously, if you haven’t heard of her you need to look her up) Her ideas were so simple and practical that I was able to at least keep a semblance of neatness even during seasons of diapers, homeschooling, and more toys with small parts than are in Toys R Us.

    For me, taking her suggestion of keeping the kitchen sink clean was revolutionary. Her philosophy is that the kitchen is the hub of the home, and if you keep the sink clear and clean, it will do wonders for your peace of mind. And funny thing, when I do that, the rest of the house seems to stay more clear as well. Weird, but it works.

    Good luck to you in these changes. It sounds like you and your husband have a good start. I look forward to the before and afters. Blessings–

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