Superhero Son Races in the Superhero Run

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What a great weekend!  I got to witness my son display his strength, endurance, and stamina in his first race.  

Most of you know by now that I am a beginning runner.  This weekend, I ran in my third 5K.  I don’t run everyday.  In fact, I am lucky if I get to run 3 days a week.  My goal is to finish a 5K in under 30 minutes, but I am not there yet.  

Lately, Superhero Son has been asking to run with me.  I know he can’t do 3.1 miles, so we run around the house, through the yard, and short distances on our road.  A few weeks ago, I found a real race for him.  CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children) sponsors a Superhero Run every fall.  Most racers, adults and children, run in superhero costumes.  The best part?  There is a family run after the 5K.  I thought a 1/2 mile fun run for Superhero Son would be perfect.

Race day comes!  It is freezing cold!  We get up early in the morning, load both kids into the car, and prepare to race.  My mom and I run the 5K while Superhero Son and Darling Daughter play on the playground with my dad.  After the 5K, Superhero Son runs up to me and asks if it is time for his race now.  We go to the start line, and I learn that the kid run is actually a full mile.  I sort of just froze on the spot.  First of all, less than 10 minutes before, I finished my race.  I didn’t want to run another mile.  Secondly, I wasn’t sure my four-year-old son could do a full mile. 

When the horn blew, he was off like a shot!  I had to race to catch up!  He finally found his pace, and he ran the entire first half-mile.  Then he stopped and told me he would walk the rest.  I convinced him after a couple of tenths that he could probably run a little more.  He sped up and finished his race hard!  


After we got back into the car, we talked about his race.  He told me that he was happy he ran the end.  He wanted to win, but understood that it was his first race, and he would have to practice more.  He decided that it was okay to not win as long as he did his best in his race. I was proud that he didn’t give up on running.  He realized that it wouldn’t be easy, like he thought it would be.  

I love comparing our daily walk with Christ to a race.  We have to stay focused, put forth tons of effort, stay on the course, and finish hard.  When the course gets tough or we feel like we are running out of energy, we don’t quit.  We just slow down, walk a little, and catch our breath.  Our time to run full speed ahead will come again soon enough!